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Frank Tobin, Producing Director

Founded in 2007, The New Phoenix Theatre-LA offers chamber theatre staged readings of the great international classical theatre repertoire. Past NPT staged readings have included: Hamlet, Romeo & Juliet, The Misanthrope, Tartuffe, Phaedre, The Cid, Twelfth Night, Medea, Ghosts, The Guardsman, Present Laughter, The Lion in Winter, Lettice & Lovage and The Little Foxes. For more information on The New Phoenix Theatre, please visit, For free tickets, contact Frank Tobin at 323.661.3720 or

2017 Season

The New Phoenix Theatre- LA
Frank Tobin, Producing Director

Presents a staged reading of Peter Oswald’s Translation of Friedrich Schiller’s


Sunday, November 12, 2017 – 7:30 PM

Secret Rose Theatre, North Hollywood, CA


Mary Stuart, Queen of Scotland - Amy Wieczorek

Queen Elizabeth I of England - Peggy Goss

Robert Dudley, Lord of Leicester - Brendan Ford

George Talbot, Lord Shrewsbury - Carl Crudup

William Cecil, Lord Burleigh - Ian Buchanan

Hanna, Mary’s Nurse & Confidant - Marianne Muellerleile

William Davison, Secretary of State - William Bremer

Amias Paulet, Guardian of Mary - James Siering

Mortimer, Paulet’s nephew - Sean O’Neill

Count Aubespine, The French Ambassador - Henri Bollinger

Count Bellievre, a French diplomatic courtier - William Bremer

O’Kelly, Mortimer’s Friend - TBA

Melvil, Mary’s House Stewart & Chaplain - Weston I. Nathanson

Lord William Davison – William Bremer


Seduction, greed and deception lie at the heart of the bitter rivalry between the ill-fated Mary, Queen of Scots and her first cousin, Queen Elizabeth I of England. After being implicated in her 2nd husband's murder, Mary flees to England for help but finds her cousin distrustful of her motives. England is torn by religious factions -- the Protestants who support Elizabeth and the Catholics who support Mary. This begins the bloody feud that will threaten not just the family bond and the crown of England, but lead to Mary's execution by beheading in 1587 – a shocking event which scandalized Europe.


Schiller's 1800 verse drama tells the story of two iconic women whose lust for power reveals one of  the most thrilling displays of passion and politics the world has ever  seen. Schiller's fictionalized encounter between the two queens, immediately before Mary's execution, is one of the classical theatre's most brilliant moments.  Peter Oswald's translation played to rave reviews in London and New York where it received seven Tony Award nominations including "Best Play Revival."


Mary Stuart's legendary beauty, charm and  scandalous  romantic  exploits  were  the talk of Europe before the age of the printing press. A fascinating combination of Princess Diana, Jackie O and Kim Kardashian, Mary Stuart's complicated political, personal and romantic history made her one of the most iconic women of the Renaissance period. Queen Elizabeth I had been proclaimed a bastard by her father, Henry VIII, the founder of the Protestant Church of England, so Elizabeth's claim to be legitimate ruler of England was always under shadow. Mary also had a serious claim to the English throne and her son would eventually succeed Elizabeth I as James I, the patron of William Shakespeare.

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